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Title: Like It

Author: Patolozka

Beta-read: Suite Samba

Word Count: 100

Challenge: Written for snupin100 prompt 430: The Dark Mark.

Rating(s): M

Disclamer: Don't own the characters. No profit is being made from this story.

Summary: When the werewolf realizes that he´s not so different from the man, he has to share it...

A/N: My first snupin. And you should know that I don´t even read much from this pair. But I like them both (although I prefer snarry) and I felt sorry that there are so few drabbles for such nice prompts. So I chose one and tried...



„I like it,“ the werewolf burst out suddenly.

„What?“ Severus asked, frowning disbelieving.

“I like it. Your Dark Mark, I mean,” Remus explained.

“You´re a fool, wolf! You know nothing... NOTHING about it!” he shot back.

Remus tilted his head a bit. His eyes were calm, his irritating smile seemed sad. “Do you think I know nothing about a cursed life? A life with omnipresent fear? Of myself, of the people I love? Do you really think that?”

He let his words sink in while Severus stared at him.

“I like your Mark because, thanks to it, I feel we´re not so... different.”



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